Purifi 1ET7040SA Apollon Audio Premium and Multichannel Amplifiers

Purifi 1ET7040SA module

We offer a wide choice of Purifi 1ET7040SA based amplifiers. Our range includes premium stereo or mono amplifier based on the Purifi 1ET7040SA module all the way up to a 12 Channel amplifier fitted with 12 Purifi 1ET7040SA modules. All of our amplifiers are built with highest precision using only premium quality components and cables. The input source (balanced or unballanced) on multichannel amplifiers is selectable with a slide switch. The multichannel version also has 4 selectable gain settings (12,8/20,5/27,5/29 db).

The Purifi 1ET7040SA based amplifiers are fitted with WBT 0703 binding posts and Furutech Mains inputs. For speaker output wiring Neotech UP-OCC 12AWG Pure Copper wire is used and all of our Purifi 1ET7040SA based amplifiers also have a 12V Trigger with passthrough connection installed. 

The premium enclosure is machined from solid aluminium plates, you have an option to choose a black or white finish as standard or pearl white or any custom colour for additional price.

All our Purifi 1ET7040SA based amplifiers come with our 2 Year Full Warranty. Click on an image below to find out more about our specific Purifi 1ET7040SA based amplifier options.

Apollon Audio PET950 Purfi 1ET7040SA module


Purifi 1ET7040SA premium mono amplifier with     Custom buffer board

2.495,00 €

Apollon Audio PET950 Purfi 1ET7040SA module


Purifi 1ET7040SA premium stereo amplifier with   Custom buffer board

4.490,00 €

Apollon Audio 3-5 Multichannel  Purfi 1ET7040SA

Apollon Audio 3-5ch. Purifi amplifier

Purifi 1ET7040SA based 3-5 channel configurable   amplifier

3.090,00 €

Apollon Audio 6-12 Multichannel  Purfi 1ET7040SA


Purifi 1ET7040SA based 6-12 channel configurable   amplifier

4.990,00 €

The new Purifi 1ET7040SA amplifier modules pack tremendous power and exciting sonic characteristics and are one of the best choices for your amplifying needs. The possibilities are endless and with choosing an Purifi 1ET7040SA based amplifier you simply can not go wrong. Select your amplifier above and choose between a premium stereo/mono amplifier, 3-5 Channel or 6-12 Channel Purifi 1ET7040SA based amplifier.